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Albufeira Algarve Portugal

Albufeira - Algarve - Portugal

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    First and foremost, Albufeira is famed for its beaches, for the countless shades and tones of its rocks and cliffs. This is a place where people live to the rhythm of the great holiday destinations, sunbathing during the day and at sunset flocking to enjoy the restaurants, bars and discotheques that enliven the nighttime hours. Just a few miles inland and everything changes. The green of the countryside is dotted with almond, fig, orange and pine trees and decorated chimneys stand out against the ochre of tiled roofs. Bucolic villages invite you to experience a way of life rooted in the tranquillity of nature, to add another dimension to your holidays.

Sea, Golf and much more!

Getting to know the region!
Places in Albufeira that keeps in the mind of those visit it!
History of the Municipality
Visiting Albufeira
The Pleasures of the sun and sea
The taste of good cooking

   The coast of Albufeira is an invitation for water sports: sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving.    The golf courses almost reach the sea; so, when you want to make a birdie you cannot forget that the golden soft sand waits for your tiresome body, eagering for the sun warmth.
    A fierce tennis match? A few hours of horse riding by the fresh scenting pine trees? All this and much more is there waiting for you who seek for real active holiday time.

   Progress has turned Albufeira into a city with tourism and leisure as its vocation. But stress in the old Cerro da Vila area still retain the picturesque appeal of withewashed houses and steeply climbing narrow stress. There is a Moorish arc on Travessa da Igreja Velha, where there stood first a mosque and later the town's first church.
   On the beach, the bright colours of the fishing boats contrast with the blue of the sea. Oblivious to the holiday-makers sunbathing nearby, the fisher-men continue with the task of reading their nets, much as they have done for thousand of years.
Popular art
Many of the traditional crafts of the Algarve are to be found in Albufeira. Local craftsmen and women continue to make palm and rushwork items, objects in copper and tin, baskets, lace and typical footwear, as they have done for centuries. More recent in origin, but equally creative, are the painted textiles and tapestries produced, which are often decorated with regional motifs.
The taste of good cooking  

   Gastronomic pleasures in Albufeira begin with the fresh fish and shellfish that the fishermen bring in from the sea every day. Who can resist grilled sardine, dory or sea bass? Or fresh lobster caught in the rocks? Those who enjoy traditional cooking can choose from among a wide range of typical fishermen's recipes. As a starter, perhaps cockle soup flavoured with bay leaf and coriander. Follow that with mackerel cooked with oregano, sardines in tomato sauce or sardines with maize meal. For special occasions, there is nothing better than a fish or shellfish "cataplana" cooked in the hinged copper vessels that are a feature of any Algarvian kitchen. From the farmers of the hinterland come dishes of corn flour with pork and sausages, young horse mackerel, chicken casseroled with its giblets and shoulder of lamb roast with almonds, honey and rosemary for an unforgettable flavour. To round off a meal, choose from almond balls, almond nougat, almond cake or fig cake, a very sweet local delicacy.

History of the Municipality  
   Archaeological sites confirm that there were men living in the Albufeira area in the Neolithic period and during the Bronze Age. The Romans settled in Albufeira, on the Cerro da Vila, a rock formation that constituted an impregnable quasi-peninsula overlooking the sea and the mouth of the Albufeira creek. Little is known of the Roman town of Baltum beyond the fact that it was a fishing centre and that there were mines operating in its vicinity. With the Arab conquest, the city was given the name of Al-Buhera, and it is from this that its current name derives. The Moorish occupation was a period of prosperity based on agriculture and on trade with North Africa, which led to the construction - or reconstruction - of the town's castle and defensive walls.

After the first Christian occupation in 1189/1190, Albufeira became part of the kingdom of the Algarve after the definitive reconquest in 1249. A period of decline ensued due to dwindling trade with the ports of the Mediterranean, and was followed by economic revival during the period of the Discoveries (15th/16th centuries). In the 18th century, a series of seismic tremors, culminating in the earthquake of 1755, reduced Albufeira to poverty, and it was only at the end of the 19th century that prosperity returned, with the growth of the fishing and fish preserves industry. Since the 1960s Albufeira has become an internationally renowned centre for tourism, which has brought renewed growth and, in 1986, elevation to the status of a city.
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